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Many people do not achieve their fitness goals or get the results they want because they do not have a plan (Road Map) to get them from where they are (Current Fitness Level) to where they want to be (Fitness Goal). Using a written fitness plan will help you maximize your time and effort in the gym to get optimum results!

Start Point. We always start with a full Fitness Assessment to identify your current level of fitness. During the assessment we also discuss your fitness goals to ensure they are realistic, safe, and achievable. This gives us your start and end point; and together we will build your road map to connect the two.

Plan Includes.

1. Free Fitness Assessment (Must be completed in person)

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2. 4 Week Workout Plan. Depending on your goals and time available, you will receive 2-5 workouts per week for 4 weeks. The workouts are based on your current level of fitness and fitness goal(s). 

3. Exercise Demonstration.  A certified fitness professional will provide an inperson, video, and/or picture demonstration of each exercise.

4. Email / Text / Video Conference Support. Plan participants will receive customer support via email, text, or video conference. 

5. Exercise Instruction. Each workout will include a variety of exercises strategically put together to assist you with achieving your fitness goals. You will know how many sets and repetitions of each exercise to do, to include a recommended rest period between sets.


$125 Per Person

$50 (For Active Personal Training Clients)