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Bodybuilding Coaching

Bodybuilding is a fascinating sport! The process of changing your body's composition by reducing fat and adding lean muscle mass requires the right combination of Nutrition, Weight Training, Cardio, & Rest. Discovering the right combination for your body to facilitate maximum growth can be an awesome journey or a never-ending nightmare. It is a very time consuming sport that requires a lot of sacrifice, discipline, hard work, and hours in the gym. But when you see the results of a totally transformed body, you are overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment that has intrinsic value because you know you earned every bit of it!  


My Bodybuilding Journey

I have been lifting weights since high school as an athlete and that continued throughout my 20+ years in the US Army. I didn't get serious about bodybuilding until 2013 and competed in my first show at the young age of 45 years old (2015). I am currently training a team of talented athletes to take the stage over the next 4-12 months, to include myself, as I prepare for my 4th competition at age 47. 

Competition Experience

Comp 1: November 2015 | 1st Place Men's Novice Heavy Weight | 1st Place Men's Masters 35+

Comp 2: August 2016 | 1st Place Men's Open Heavy Weight

Comp 3: November 2016 | 2nd Place Men's Masters 35+


                March 2018 AGE 46                 (Natural Bodybuilder)

              March 2018 AGE 46

            (Natural Bodybuilder)

Coaching Package ($500 per 4 Weeks)