BRITTANY THOMPSON: Figure Competitor, Front Line Fitness Client & Featured Athlete

Bodybuilding Coaching

Bodybuilding is a fascinating sport! The process of changing your body's composition by reducing fat and adding lean muscle mass requires the right combination of Nutrition, Weight Training, Cardio, & Rest. Discovering the right combination for your body to facilitate maximum growth can be an awesome journey or a never-ending nightmare. It is a very time consuming sport that requires a lot of sacrifice, discipline, hard work, and hours in the gym. But when you see the results of a totally transformed body, you are overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment that has intrinsic value because you know you earned every bit of it!  


My Bodybuilding Journey

I have been lifting weights since high school as an athlete and that continued throughout my 20+ years in the US Army. I didn't get serious about bodybuilding until 2013 and competed in my first show at the young age of 45 years old (2015). I am currently training a team of talented athletes to take the stage over the next 4-12 months, to include myself, as I prepare for my 4th competition at age 47. 

Competition Experience

Comp 1: November 2015 | 1st Place Men's Novice Heavy Weight | 1st Place Men's Masters 35+

Comp 2: August 2016 | 1st Place Men's Open Heavy Weight

Comp 3: November 2016 | 2nd Place Men's Masters 35+

Comp 4: November 2018 | 3rd Place Men’s Classic Physique


Packages & Pricing

What’s All Included?

Select a PT package from the menu above, pay half up front and make weekly or monthly payments on the balance depending on the number of sessions you have in your package. ($70 per 1 hour PT Session) 

Start & Expiration Date. Personal training packages must be started within 10 days of the purchase date or the sessions will be forfeited and no refund will be issued. Personal training packages expire in accordance with the schedule below:

Packages Expiration Date

1 - (8 Sessions) 30 Days after the 1st Session

2 - (12 Sessions) 30 Days after the 1st Session

3 - (16 Sessions) 60 Days after the 1st Session

4 - (20 Sessions) 90 Days after the 1st Session

5 - (24 Sessions) 90 Days after the 1st Session

November 2018 AGE 47    (Natural Bodybuilder)

November 2018 AGE 47

(Natural Bodybuilder)

Individual Posing Routine! Nov 2018