Personal Training

Want to improve your health & fitness? Recently have a baby? Getting ready for a wedding?Using a personal trainer is one of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve your fitness objectives. We'll start with a thorough fitness assessment to determine your current level of fitness. Then together we'll develop realistic goals and a detailed plan to achieve them. My goal is to educate, equip, encourage, and empower you to successfully manage your own health and fitness program. 

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Packages & Pricing


Select a PT package from the menu above, pay half up front and make weekly or monthly payments on the balance depending on the number of sessions you have in your package. ($60 per 1 hour PT Session) 

What Comes With a Package?

  • 1 Hour Session of 1 ON 1 Training

  • Exercise & Weight Training Instruction

  • Training Program Designed Specifically for You

  • Fitness Assessment

  • Detailed Nutritional Coaching

  • 6 Week Progress Report

  • RESULTS!!!

Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy.  All sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

Cancellation Policy.  All cancellations must be received by a Front Line Fitness staff member at least 4 hours before your training session or that training session will be forfeited. Emergency cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis. Sessions that are cancelled within the cancellation period can be rescheduled but must be completed before the sessions original expiration date.

No Shows. Clients that miss sessions without notifying Front Line Fitness will forfeit the session and the session(s) will NOT be made up. Clients that have two or more no shows during the same personal training contract, may have that contract cancelled, forfeit all remaining sessions, with no refund.

Tardiness. Sessions will be forfeited for clients that are 15 minutes late or more that have not made prior arrangements with the assigned trainer.

Start & Expiration Date. Personal training packages must be started within 10 days of the purchase date or the sessions will be forfeited and no refund will be issued. Personal training packages expire in accordance with the schedule below:

Packages                                     Expiration Date

1 - (8 Sessions)                  30 Days after the 1st Session

2 - (12 Sessions)                30 Days after the 1st Session

3 - (16 Sessions)                60  Days after the 1st Session

4 - (20 Sessions)               90 Days after the 1st Session

5 - (24 Sessions)                90 Days after the 1st Session

Free Sessions                     10 Days after the 1st Session

Small Group Policy (2-4 People).  Clients that select the small group option must attend all training sessions as a group to receive the discounted price. It is the groups responsibility to agree on a schedule they can all commit to.