Posing Practice

Competitors must spend countless hours practicing the mandatory poses, as well as, their individual/solo routine. This is where many competitors miss the mark. Sub-par posing can cause a competitor to place lower even when their physique is superior to others....Leave No Stone Unturned; Leave nothing to chance. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Posing Tips

1. Posing is very exhausting, I recommend competitors start practicing at least 90-120 days prior to the competition, especially if it is your first competition. Practice at least 3 days per week.

2. I like to practice after my workout when I'm totally exhausted to simulate how I might possibly feel during the competition, due to reduced calories, carbs, and water.

3. When practicing, visualize yourself on stage in front of hundreds of people.

4. Take pictures and video of yourself while practicing. You will see a lot more than you do when looking in the mirror.

5. Posing clinics are a great way to improve your posing and not learn in a vacuum. If you know other competitors that pose really well, ask them for help. And last, watch tons of video of others posing.