Transforming Lives Through Fitness....


Brittany Thompson

Absolutely, hands down the best trainer I’ve had. Competing in the sport of bodybuilding is a very delicate sport. It requires attention to each muscle group. It requires time and variety to make your muscles grow and see change in your body. Kenny will give that time and attention that is needed. He is constantly changing the work outs to keep your body guessing. He definitely believes in your goals and will give you progress, if you are willing to work for it. Very attention to detail. Highly recommended!


Miller Lawson: I love the atmosphere of FrontLine Fitness. I've always felt like working out should be serious but fun, challenging but encouraging, a place that helps you better yourself physically but also lifts your spirits. FrontLine Fitness meets all of these criteria. Kenny greets me by name when I arrive and pumps me up with encouragement. If I need help, he's right there to help. But if not, he leaves me alone to get my work done. The other members are great as well. Everyone is polite and at least says hello so it's really like working out with friends even if you don't know them. Yes, there are larger places to work out with more equipment (that you don't need but still pay for) but, to me, you lose that personal connection to the people and the environment. FrontLine Fitness is the perfect place for me and I recommend everyone giving it a shot.

Greg Sloan: This is a no brainier. They have more equipment then you will ever use. The facility is first class and kept very clean. Kenny is a great source of info for reaching your fitness goals as well as nutrition tips. It's a the place to go if your serious about reaching your fitness goals. I go because I wanted to get fit but the environment inspires me to come back over and over again.....even @ 5am for cardio. I am so glad I joined and plan on remaining a member for a very long time.

Brad Altice: Kenny does a great job of educating people on nutrition and exercise. It’s a great place to come to work out individually and in a class. Great place for community and building relationships.

Pamela Shaffer: Excellent gym! Best trainer ever! The bootcamp is amazing!

April Sirit: I joined Frontline Fitness back in October '17 & have loved it! Its not a huge gym where you get lost in a crowd or caught up in a fad - it's a smaller gym where form is monitored and accountability is huge. The owner Kenny is not a high pressure sales person - he sincerely wants you to be your best. Since my first assessment in October to now I've lost weight, my BMI has dropped, & my body fat has dropped.. and I've made some great friends along the way!

Carol Williams: It’s affordable, conveniently located and there’s no waiting to get to the equipment I want to use. I’m very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility as well. If you’re looking for a high quality fitness center, I totally recommend FrontLine Fitness.

Evonne Lopez: I was so excited when the gym opened in our neighborhood. I have taken classes which I loved. I have done the personal training - which was great. I use the gym and the equipment and since I had personal training, where I was taught many different exercises, I now can implement what I learned and add those different exercises to my routine while I use the gym. I can't say enough about Kenny the owner - his knowledge about fitness and his real concern about my overall health and wellness was impressive.